Vocalist, Songwriter and Composer Laurence Levy brings to you soulful music to uplift the human spirit to higher dimensions. Influenced by his travels to places such as San Francisco and Bangkok and by names such as Cat Stevens and Gerry Rafferty, Laurence Levy’s spiritual exploration and musical experimentation will lead you on a journey to new worlds. Joined by accompanist Larry Davids from Canada on lead guitar and singer Gerda Fominaite, with backup vocals by Hannah Robertson, Laurence delivers Utopian anthems Flying High, For Whom the Bell Tolls and many more…

Laurence Levy’s recently recorded original acoustic spiritual ballads skillfully communicate his message of freedom and peace for humanity. The album Celestial Sun includes outstanding renditions of some of his best songs such as the highly acclaimed single Only The Brave Die Young, as well as Its Only a Dream, When Your Going To Find Out, If Tomorrows The Last Day and Flying High among others.



Another Dimension by XLL10 music features 16 wonderful tracks all written, composed and performed by Laurence Levy including Soon Peace Will Rain, Your Ships Come In, When The Day Comes, When the Game is Over, Sound Mind Sound Spirit, Real Father’s Love, Pick Up The Pieces and Believe in the Power.




Studio Session ‘TOOK A LONG TIME’